WE arrived to Guadeloupe. it took about 10 hours to get here, but the sky was blue, the sea was calm and the wind was perfect for us. we had a good time sailing.
now finally im looking for surf. tomorrow the swell arrives and im going to a few little spots to see whats up. a lot of places with good surf around the island. hopefully they will be some fun surf around for me. its been a lot of sailing and no surf, so im pumped to get into the water.
Here are some pics of the sailing and the arrival to guadeloupe.

Getting ready to leave from antigua, we had a little problem on the main sail and i had to go up and fix it.

Sailing arriving to guadeloupe.

Beer after 10 hours of sailing.

First sunset in guadeloupe.

This kid was playing with Kaya and his grandfather helped us fix a little problem we had with the motor. cool family and good vibes.


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