My little sisters and their friend came to visit. we have been chilling around for a while. no swell for a week. so we went to the tobago cays for a few days and hanged around. the cays are pretty tight for chilling. really pretty.
a few days ago a swell came on the charts and now it became hurricane katia so im back up north with hopes to score waves in a little island with a surf spot that seems to be really good. hopefully tomorrow ill wake up and fun surf will salute me.
here are some pics of the last week.

I went up the mast and took some pics. the view is always nice from the mast.
This are the park rangers coming to say hello.

The boat next to us.

Niña del mar II form above

Self portrait from above

My little sister and her best diving skills

We found this house while searching for a surf spot. the owner painted everything in his house. bea went in and he took a little time to show her around it was pretty tight.

After we found the spot I found this little girl and she became my model for a few minutes, she was really cool. after she went of running and i had time to get a last pic of her while she ran away smiling.


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