Im creating a new habit of surfing by myself. some people think its the best thing in the world, but i think its the best thing if you are in your home brake. surfing new spots by yourself is a little creepy. i found the spot i came looking for, but it was empty with occasional 6 foot bombs on dry reef. it was like a 15 minute paddle all the way out and fuck i wish i had some one to surf with. there was dry reef all over, but i got a few good ones and at least the next time i come, ill know the spot a little better. but well here are some pics of the spot.

When you are searching for a spot and you find this, you are happy.

Some wave action

Me alone again


One response

  1. No te preocupes que este fin corri unas de 3 pies junto a 100 surfers en Los Caracas… jejej asi q keep surfing and enjoy… la proxima aventura puedes contar conmigo asi no sera tan creapy el point…. : ) bless Manuel
    Buena bitacora y fotos! Congrats

    September 5, 2011 at 14:21

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