f#ck there is n…

f#ck there is no surf. its been flat for a long time, almost two weeks. but well its like that. ive been working and having a good time, actually ive been having a great time. the other day i has going through the blog and looking at all the spots i surfed and traveled to with the boat and i was thinking: what a lucky f#cker. 

im so happy right now its crazy, all the things ive done in my life are coming together. it feels good.

lately ive been working on my other blog: bad thoughts. it has nothing to do with surfing, its a little more personal. its kind of my photography and video about the crazy shit that goes around in my troubled mind. its good to have a blog, notebook, camera, to express whatever the f*ck is in your head.

if you want to check it out go to




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